Boring to Meaningful

Do you find yourself bored reading the Bible? With so many books, chapters, and verses, nothing seems to make sense. Sometimes (or often), you are lost wondering what these verses mean, and how everything fits together. As a follower of Jesus, you read the Bible just because you know you should. But you’ve never been … [Read more…]

When Prayer Time Seems Lifeless

Ever sat down to pray, and in two minutes, you are done. It felt lifeless. You were just doing your duty. You know that prayer is essential for life. So you try to develop a habit of prayer that is meaningful. But it just doesn’t seem to come together. Jesus taught His disciples to pray … [Read more…]

Three Checks When You Face Success and Prosperity

There is plenty of confusion regarding wealth and prosperity. Some people put blame on those who teach on the blessings of God. They are accused of preaching a “Prosperity Gospel,” one that they claim is not Biblical.   In Matthew 26, when someone used expensive perfume on Jesus, the disciples complained that the money could … [Read more…]

Empty Leaders Running on Grace

Leadership can be an exciting endeavor. Vision and Values are ensured through careful and relentless review of everything that happens with the church. Efforts are outlined to keep things moving in the direction of your vision and values. The whole experience can be exhilarating and scary at the same time. But after a few years, … [Read more…]

Small Churches Can Have a Great Impact

People who attend small churches react in various ways when they hear about the work and impact of the larger churches. Some are amazed at all the programs and the vast impact they have in their city. Others criticize them of numerous things. I pastor a church that is definitely small. But I believe that … [Read more…]

4 Reasons We Get Trapped by Our Choices

“You people die healthy, I'm gonna die happy.” This was the response of a young man enjoying a fat greasy burger, fries, and a large drink. He was sitting in the employee lounge with a group of people who were mostly eating healthy food. When they told him about the benefits of eating healthy, those … [Read more…]

Shallow, Lifeless, Pop Style, Self Help, and Self Centered Preaching


The struggle continues every time I begin planning for my next sermon. Deciding on a topic or developing the sermon is not a problem for me since I’ve been doing this for more than three decades. But I must come to a decision if this sermon should target the general crowd or the believers/disciples in … [Read more…]

Roles of a Leader in Small Group Discussions

Under the guidance of a skillful leader, small group discussions can be effective. Carefully guided discussions can change hearts, minds, habits, and attitudes. Be The Leader Whatever your topic of discussion, make sure you have a goal in mind for the discussion. Have a clear idea of what you expect to accomplish. As the leader, … [Read more…]

How to Nurture New Believers in Small Groups

Becoming a child of God is the greatest privilege one can experience. Accepting the invitation through faith in Jesus is not a religious decision but a relationship. It is that relationship that needs to be nurtured. Mentoring Because a new believer has begun a new relationship with God, they are best nurtured through relationships. This … [Read more…]