Small Group Leader as Facilitator

Small Group Leader as Facilitator I am convinced that anyone can lead a small group. At least anyone can begin the process, and then, they can “grow into” the role they have taken up. It’s not advisable to get someone “fully” trained before starting a group. Many get discouraged and may not continue with the … [Read more…]

You – Guilty Again

Our understanding of God is often tainted with our experiences of caregivers from our childhood. If we had impatient, judgmental parents, we may see God like that. We may not remember all our experiences from childhood, but we continue to see God as impatient and unforgiving. It’s that feeling of constant guilt. Surely you’ve done … [Read more…]

First Steps for Church Planters

The ultimate aim with church planting is to bless the community. But as with any task, it’s a great challenge to just get started. It’s wonderful to talk, plan, and organize, but you’ve got to begin somewhere. Here are some first steps for church planting.   Relate Connect with people in your community. God created … [Read more…]

Foundational Concepts for Church Planting

I am aware of the powerful impact of church planting that is highly organized, planned and well funded. The short and long term effects are well worth the efforts. It is really amazing to see the phenomenal growth when you begin your first service with several hundred people. In this series of posts, I want … [Read more…]

Three Basic Tasks For Church Planters

The terms are often confusing: House Church, Church Plant, Mission Station, and a host of others. Each term has its own implications, and the proponents of each one will have their own values. The prevailing question is regarding what constitutes a Church.  I have noticed potential church planters often hesitate moving forward. Fear often grips … [Read more…]

Influence, Power, and Blackmail

Living in a society where injustice seems to be a permanent part of the social structure has been an amazing experience. Here below are my unique observances. THE OUTWARD VIEW Outwardly, the law is very clear and expressed. The legal systems are firmly set in place. Everything seems to work like a well oiled machine. … [Read more…]