Embrace the Kingdom for Healing

Healing is one of the ways God’s Kingdom breaks into our lives. We know that God’s power is unlimited and that all things are possible with God. But in this imperfect world with imperfect people like us, there are numerous things that hinder the work of God. Yet still, there are factors much beyond our … [Read more…]

My Toolbox

There are many things that help us to be organized and systematic so we can be more effective in what we do. For me, there are some online tools and apps that have helped me. The list of “Tools” I have listed below continues to change as time goes on, but this will give you … [Read more…]

Locally Global

  After 18 years of seminary teaching, I’ve been looking at some common responses of students. Towards the end of the academic year I ask students about their aspirations of the future. I tell them to imagine what they see themselves doing in 10 to 15 years. Many said they see themselves having a global … [Read more…]

Three Benefits of Fighting With God

You’ve always seen problems as your enemy. But think again. Sure, no one wants a life of trouble, but let’s face it, problems are guaranteed. There’s no way around that. God has been trying to speak to you through the problems you face. But you’ve fought with God repeatedly. He has asked you to submit … [Read more…]

What to do When You Want to Run Away

Sometimes we feel like a change in our situation is really needed. Some think they need a new job, relationship, house, friend, or a host of other changes. When there is a problem in a particular area, we think a change will solve the problem. But we often find the same challenges in our new … [Read more…]

Young People’s Guide to Direction in Life

This is the most common question young people ask me. They want to know how to figure out what to do in life. What are the best steps to take? The options are many, and the road ahead seems scary. They are afraid they’ll make the wrong choices and head the wrong way. They want … [Read more…]

Seven Things I’ve Learned About Worship

Worship is natural and everyone worships. The object of their worship may be different, but it is clear that worship is part of our makeup. Although there are those who worship created things, we are instructed to only worship the creator. Here are some things I’ve learned about worship. 1. Worship Needs Preparation The Mind … [Read more…]

Seven Things I’ve Learned About Inspiring Leaders

I was a 17 year old teenager who went to college as far away as I could go and stay within the mainland. Here was a typical kid from Bronx, New York, with all the common traits of kid growing up in that environment (I won’t explain – to protect the guilty).  I believe it … [Read more…]

Seven Things I’ve Learned About Writing

In the late 1990’s I sensed an urge to write regularly. As a pastor and teacher, I’ve always written sermons, reports, and articles for magazines and academic journals. But this was different. I felt that I needed to express myself and to make a contribution to the church and society. Blogging provided the means to … [Read more…]