The New You…Sure, Assertive, Trusting

“You? You won’t amount to much.” “Since you’re a poor student, you won’t be able to do much with your life.” “Are you sure you can handle that? You’re too skinny.” “Isn’t that motorcycle too big for you?” Those words and others similar to that pierced deep into my being. I never thought much of … [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why Some Church Planters Fail

After struggling with failed church plants, stalled attempts, and some successes, I've had the privilege of helping several church planters. The road has not been easy for any of these people who have put themselves on the front lines. Some of them bailed out after several years of struggle, and others press on. It has … [Read more…]

3 Step Plan For Early Risers

Getting up early in the morning has not been easy for me. But this is something that I’ve struggled with, and practiced since my teenage years. This practice still remains a challenge for me as the mornings are not easy. So if it’s been such a challenge, why continue to struggle? I have found that … [Read more…]

4 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Small Group

4 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Small Group I remember the young couple that came to church shy and withdrawn. They both seemed unsure of themselves. They'd hardly look at anyone's face nor speak to others.   Soon after they came, we got them connected to a small group near their home. … [Read more…]

A personal note…

Thank you for reading my blogs in 2014. I hope these words have helped you. Appreciate your comments and responses by email. They are an encouragement for me to continue to write.  There are many who regularly help by sharing the posts on Facebook and Twitter. This expands the reach and allows many others to … [Read more…]