Brilliant Talkers

They are good people. But they talk constantly. They’re brilliant and knowledgeable about a vast array of matters.

But every conversion I’ve had with them were one way conversations. I listen and they talk. Rarely do I get a chance to speak. They do all the talking.

They get themselves into a mess, and they’re still talking. Talking themselves through the mess, and getting deeper into it. Never listening. They don’t need to listen since they’re brilliant.

One day, I hope they’ll listen to someone. 

, 10 July 2017. 2 Comments on Brilliant Talkers. Category: Inspiration.

About Alexi George

Alexi is the pastor of Adoor Vineyard Church and Associate Professor of Old Testament at Faith Theological Seminary, India. He's earned the B.A. in Christian Ministry from West Coast Christian College, Fresno, CA, the M.Div. in Biblical Languages and Christian Education from Evangel University, Springfield, MO, and the D.Th. in Old Testament from University of South Africa.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha… I know a lot many. One day…. hopeful

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is quite true! One day I remember talking to one of my friends, who happens to be a ‘talker’. He was mentioning that he stopped using facebook, do not subscribe to newspapers or TV channels! And he said the main reason he told me is that they all pass on a lot (too much) of information; though we do not actually need all those information. Or in other words, we don’t do anything with all these information. I was wondering, since then, will he ever realise that, actually, even I (as his listener) don’t need all these information he is passing on to me! I wish he realises it one day!

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