Brilliant Talkers

They are good people. But they talk constantly. They’re brilliant and knowledgeable about a vast array of matters.

But every conversion I’ve had with them were one way conversations. I listen and they talk. Rarely do I get a chance to speak. They do all the talking.

They get themselves into a mess, and they’re still talking. Talking themselves through the mess, and getting deeper into it. Never listening. They don’t need to listen since they’re brilliant.

One day, I hope they’ll listen to someone. 

, 10 July 2017. 2 Comments on Brilliant Talkers.Category: Inspiration.

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Alexi is the pastor of Adoor Vineyard and an Associate Professor at Faith Theological Seminary, India. He blogs regularly on Leadership and Life from a biblical perspective.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha… I know a lot many. One day…. hopeful

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is quite true! One day I remember talking to one of my friends, who happens to be a ‘talker’. He was mentioning that he stopped using facebook, do not subscribe to newspapers or TV channels! And he said the main reason he told me is that they all pass on a lot (too much) of information; though we do not actually need all those information. Or in other words, we don’t do anything with all these information. I was wondering, since then, will he ever realise that, actually, even I (as his listener) don’t need all these information he is passing on to me! I wish he realises it one day!

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