Influence, Power, and Blackmail

Living in a society where injustice seems to be a permanent part of the social structure has been an amazing experience. Here below are my unique observances.


Outwardly, the law is very clear and expressed. The legal systems are firmly set in place. Everything seems to work like a well oiled machine.


But beneath the elaborate systems of order, there is an entirely different system at work. This inward system is barely visible to the human eye. It makes a complete mockery of the outward system of legality and order. Everything seems senseless.


The inward system is fueled by money, influence, power, and blackmail.  If you want to get anything done with the outward system, you must invoke the powers of the inward system. Submit your application, then work the inward system to get the application moving. If your request is difficult to impossible, there is no problem as long as you properly work the inward system.


Those who don't engage the inward system are the losers.  They simply go in circles unable to get things done. They haven't learned to use money, influence, power, or blackmail to get things done. Or, they just don't have access to those things required to work the inward system.


Thus society moves along with a delicate imbalance that everyone acknowledges, but no one dares to touch. The powerful roam the streets with pomp and delight over their ability to be in control. And the rest of the people just struggle to survive.


Numerous times I've asked the question, "What's the use? Why hold on to integrity when the situation makes it impossible?" But recently I was reminded of Jesus' promise/warning:

"Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done" (Revelation 22:12) NIV.

For some, it is a promise. But for others, it is a warning.

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, 3 June 2015. Category: Inspiration.

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Alexi is pastor of Adoor Vineyard and an Associate Professor at Faith Theological Seminary, India. He blogs regularly on Leadership and Life from a biblical perspective.
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