Inner Healing



What is inner healing?

  • Imagine a house which has been bought. It is in a very bad condition. The owner of the house has to work very hard to bring it back to a livable condition. And even after all that work, we have to clean our house regularly. There has to be daily cleaning as well as a once in a month cleaning and springtime cleaning too.
  • So if a house on earth needs so much of maintenance, then how much more the house in which the Holy Spirit desires to dwell. Each one of us are broken houses. We were torn down, attacked and plundered in many ways. All our rooms are dirty and messed up. That is when Jesus decides to buy our house. He buys it and puts a hedge around it. This is the hedge of a church. Unless we have the protection of a church and its leadership we are open to attack.
  • Then Jesus starts working on our house, trying to fix it up, clean it, arrange it and secure it from further attacks or invasions. This process of cleaning is what we term inner healing. This entire process of arranging, fixing up is what we call inner healing.


Why do we need inner healing?

  • Inner healing is required not just that we receive blessings, but that we can begin walking in the fullness that God wants us to walk in and that we may serve Him more efficiently and effectively.
  • We are preparing a great inheritance for our children, by keeping ourselves clean.
  • Last but not the least, we do not want our houses, which is supposed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit, to be a dirty place, a messed up place. If we are not cleaning up then definitely we are only contributing to the mess.
  • Every single day of our lives is stored. Every thought, word, action, emotion, decision, etc., is stored. During a single day itself, we receive  plenty of information, which we process and it gets stored. We either deal with it in a godly way or allow it to do many things to us. So what gets stored is something either negative or something positive. If we have more negatives than positives then the devil has more hold over us. So let us determine to be more useful to God than to the devil by allowing the Holy Spirit to fix up, arrange and secure our house.


How do we start inner healing?

  • The day we invite the Lord into our lives, he starts fixing up and doing His job wonderfully and faithfully. He is true to His word and does not lie. He is faithful. He provides for all our needs. He cares for us and looks after all the aspects of our life. He is interested in our all-round development. He wants to see all His children walking in the fullness that God has prepared for them. He wants to see His children using each and every skill and ability that He has already granted us for His kingdom.
  • During inner healing we will need to revisit our past and those hurting areas. When we do so, all the thoughts and emotions related to a particular incident or that particular stage would come to the fore. When this happens, we need to allow Jesus to heal us. We will need to forgive, renounce and then ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse us of all the negative stuff in us in relation to that particular incident or relationship. Here an exchange is taking place, where we give not only our sins, but all the related thoughts, feelings and hurt and receive the healing and forgiveness and the fruits of the Spirit. Along with all this we covenant never to repeat the sin again. It is important to remember this so that we continue to live a lifestyle of healing. God is faithful to lead us into all these truths. He will lead and guide us triumphantly.


What qualities do we require for our healing?

HONESTY: We need to be honest towards God, towards ourselves and to others who are accountable for us. We need to acknowledge and agree with God when He reveals to us our flaws. We should be ready to admit our faults and be ready to tell or express our exact feelings and expectations to God. We can tell God that we really do not like or in some cases we even hate Him. We do this so that we realize that we hold such feelings against Him. Many times though we have such feelings we do not admit it and in doing so cause ourselves the most harm. Confession helps us the most, because we are able to know what exactly is inside us. It often shocks us, but it is not a shock for God. He knows very well what is inside us. We can choose to deceive ourselves by hiding everything under the carpet and say that everything is fine or we can begin today onwards to go ahead and be candid with God with the purpose of being healed and delivered, and to continue with a wonderful walk with God. The choice is our and God will not go forward unless He has our full cooperation and agreement. He will continue to faithfully do His part. He will be faithful till the very end never leaving nor forsaking us. But, will we do our part of allowing Him to work in and then through us. May the good Lord help you take the right decision.

HUMILITY: This is another quality which we all require very essentially for the Lord to complete the good work He has started in us. If we live with the assumption with ‘I am right and the rest of the world is wrong’, then sadly we are heading in the wrong direction. There will always be times when either ‘I am completely wrong or I am partly wrong’. There will never be a time when ‘I am completely right’. This is true for any relationship. For a good healing to take place, we should be ready to put ourselves under the microscope and be able to see our faults. We should be ready to face each flaw with courage and with the hope that this is going to change. ‘I am going to overcome everything that is evil and wicked in me’. The purpose of putting ourselves under the microscope is not for self-condemnation, guilt, justification or any other motive, but to simply be able to give it to God for Him to work on.



  • God created us as relational beings and intended for us to relate to each other (Gen. 2:18). When we have godly relationships, we are blessed by the flow of Holy Spirit (Ps. 133).
  • The bond made up of our earthly relationship together with its spiritual bonding is called a soul-tie (1 Sam. 18:1).
  • Examples of godly soul-ties through which Holy Spirit can flow blessing
  • Loving parent and child (Ruth 1:14).
  • Cherishing husband and respectful wife (Eph. 5:22-33).
  • Brother and sister loving each other (Phil. 2:1-4).
  • Relationships that are ungodly can create a bond in the spiritual realm which could act as a demonic tube. Evil spirits can flow through this tube to create bondage (Eph. 2:2-3)
  • Examples of ungodly soul-ties
  • With parents/authority figures who have manipulated and controlled us (Gen. 27:8).
  • Between sexual partners outside God’s order for marriage (1 Cor. 6:15-16).
  • With those who have abused us physically, mentally or sexually (Gen. 34:2-3).
  • With those with whom there is an element of fear in the relationship.
  • Breaking the soul-tie in the name of Jesus is an essential part of Inner healing and Deliverance ministry.



How are we affected by our previous generations?

  • We should understand that the raw material that God creates us from comes directly from our ancestors. Everything is already coined into our systems.
  • The following are roughly the different stages of our lives.
  • In each and every stage of our lives there are already mindsets, thought patterns, response patterns, decision-making patterns, etc, coined into us. So we already have things in our system, which can be godly or ungodly. So, this means that if a father is an alcoholic, there is a high probability that the son too may become an alcoholic or have some other addictive behavior. If the father has committed adultery, then most probably the son too would do so. And this is what the bible calls iniquity or the inclination to sin, which is passed down through the generational lines. Curses continue till the third or fourth generation because the inclination also continues till the third of fourth generation. So, God is never unjust when a person has to suffer the consequences of his or her father’s sin. Though as Christians, we may never commit an offense blatantly, but the tendency to do so exists. The iniquity and curses connected to sexual perversions/immorality may pass down up to 10 generations (Deut. 23:2-3). An ungodly background does not necessarily mean that everything is bad or ungodly. All of us have some or the other good elements from the past which we should not reject. In fact, when we do selective de-linking, we accept the good and replace the ungodly things with godly patterns, thoughts, emotions and decision-making patterns.
  • The above aspects are related to our mind, emotions and will. There is another aspect, which is our body. We should understand that our physical features are also inherited. There are many features which are dangerous and can cost lives, eg., a weak uterus, congenital defects. We can ask God to change features which are detrimental to health. Since, the condition of the body is directly related to our mind, emotions and will; therefore we also inherit many physical ailments. As an example, if the father has hypertension, the daughter or son too gets hypertension, but it can not be completely healed unless those behavior patterns of anxiety, worry, tension change. But there are many other ailments which can be very easily cured just because of the cross. hallelujah.
  • The next aspect is our abilities and the faculties that God has given us. We should know and be aware of the fact that God has gifted every individual with the capacity of a genius. We all have been given creative skills, skills of understanding, analysis, language, creativity skills, relational skills, art skills, etc., but as we all know and experience, some of us are excellent in certain skills and horrible in others. Some of us struggle with studies but are very good at keeping relations. Others are excellent in art, but are not good at other menial tasks. We need to ask God to release all those skills and abilities that are under bondage for generations and then ask God to help us develop such skills which were tied up and under bondage for generations. Some of us are very bad at relational skills. We are introduced to our own relatives and find it hard to even place them and remember them. But when God sets us free, we are able to place such people in the family tree and are able to remember and recollect information about them properly. This is just a simple example of the amazing things God can do for us.
  • In the above points, we talked about the internal effects of our generational lines, now we will look into the external effects of our generational lines. We have a protective covering of the authority figures over us, so that the enemy does not wreak havoc in our lives. But many a times the enemy is successful in penetrating those protective bastions because of human errors. For example, a parent leaves a child under the care of a relative who sexually abuses the child. Now, when this child grows up and becomes a parent, the same thing happens to this person’s child at almost the same age. It may not be true for all the children, but it is almost certain for at least one. Suppose, a woman has an irresponsible, alcoholic as a husband, there is a high probability that her daughters too would get such husbands. All this may seem startling but sadly is true. On the other hand, if a woman has got a good husband, then definitely the daughter too is blessed to have a very good husband. In this case, we ask God to close all doors of attack open due to generational lines. We declare our freedom because of the cross.
  • Counting backward four generations gives us four levels of ancestors:
  • Parents   2
  • Grandparents   4
  • Great-grandparents  8
  • Great-great-grandparents 16
  • Total    30

Any or all of these thirty persons could be a channel through whom we may have been exposed to satanic influences.

  • Biblical examples of the effects of generational iniquity
  • David confesses to have inherited generational sexual iniquity (Ps. 51:5) after committing sexual sin. The sexual iniquity is passed on to Amnon, David’s son (2 Sam 13:14).
  • Abraham fails to protect his wife (Gen 12:12-13). His son Issac does the same thing(Gen 26:7).
  • The answer to all our generational problems
  • The one and only answer to all these problems which seem so overpowering is the cross of Christ. It is because of the cross on which our Saviour died that we can experience freedom. Because Jesus carried all that is sin and evil and all our iniquities and each and every curse on the cross, we can boldly come before the throne of the Most High and ask Him to do this marvelous work of changing us. He is able to go right into our DNA system and tear down what is evil and ungodly and replace it with His Spirit. We are such a privileged people. No one can do this operation except the Holy Spirit Himself. “I will give you living waters and it will become springs welling up to eternal life”. At the Cross the iniquity of us fell on Jesus (Is. 53:5-6). Also, Jesus became a curse for us by dying on the cross to cancel our curses (Galatians 3:13).


How to deal with generational effects on our lives?

  • Repent and confess all your known generationally received ungodly mindsets, behavior patterns, response patterns, and decision-making patterns for every stage that has already occurred and those that we are yet to enter into in our lives.
  • Forgive your ancestors for their irresponsible way of life.
  • Receive forgiveness from the Lord, because He did it all for us on the cross.
  • Break every evil mindset in the name of Jesus. Renounce every ungodly behavior pattern, response patterns and all related ungodly  emotions and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and replace it with the fruits of the Spirit.
  • Make a covenant to walk in accordance to the Word of God, keeping ourselves pure and holy for Him.
  • Cut off all ungodly soul-ties with your ancestors.
  • Close all doors open for the enemy to attack you or your descendants.
  • Release all faculties and abilities and skills that have been under bondage generationally in the name of Jesus.
  • Preferably the pastor or any church leader should pronounce every blessing upon the person.


  • Curses and Pronouncements
  • Other types of curses are words spoken against another person with an intent to harm them. The words themselves have no authority to hurt anyone; it is the spiritual power behind the words that enables the terms of the curse to be fulfilled.
  • There are also deliberate curses placed by others.  All witchcraft, Satanism, freemasonry, and other secret orders (eg. Voodoo) have built curses into their rituals to try to prevent people from either leaving the organization or if they do, to hold them into bondage they willingly entered into while being a member of the group.
  • Similarly people who practice witchcraft and voodoo use it to place curses on victims – even competitors in business.
  • The other form of curses is “non-deliberate curses.”  These are curses spoken by people against others, but not with a specific intention to bring harm to the person. The enemy can latch on to what we may say in a fit of rage and make it stick in the mind and emotions of the person spoken to.  If the words are believed and accepted, the demonic can then establish itself, holding the victim to words that have been said. This is especially true of the negative words spoken by people in authority – by parents to children, husbands to wives and vice versa, teacher to student, pastor to congregation members, etc.  Examples of such non-deliberate curses are – “you are useless,” “you will never change” “you will always be the same” “it is in your family—you are bound to get it” “you never do anything properly.”
  • Self imposed curses is another area where Satan makes use of the non-deliberate words spoken against oneself.  When we make such inner vows against ourselves, we invite the enemy to take control in some areas of our life which may ultimately lead to misery and failures.  Examples of such negative words are “I’ll never trust a man again” “I am useless” “I can’t do anything right” “I’ll never forgive myself.”


  • Dealing with curses and pronouncements
  • Forgive the person who is responsible for the curse/bondage in your life – the person who has deliberately cursed you with words or through witchcraft, or who was responsible for your involvement in occult sin, etc – and bless them.
  • In case of witchcraft, cancel all the assignments of demons behind the curses.



What is rejection?

  • Rejection includes feelings, thoughts, mindsets of being unloved and unwanted.


Why are we rejected?

  • We live in a world where we often face rejection on a constant and consistent basis. Not only are we rejected on the basis of gender, complexion, weight, intelligence, street smartness, etc., etc., but also added to all these we have the additional burden of being rejected because we believe in Christ.
  • We should always understand that the enemy does not like man and is bent on the destruction of mankind as a whole, but along with that he has a special dislike towards God’s people. He tries his best to make us believe his lies.
  • Rejection starts from the womb. In fact, the child is in the most vulnerable state when it is in the womb. The child is very impressionable at this age. Many of us have a deep sense of shame too. We are ashamed of ourselves because our mothers were ashamed of being pregnant too soon. Whatever the mother feels directly affects the baby. Some of our parents rejected our sex. As a result some children tend to struggle with homosexual tendencies.


Signs and symptoms of a person suffering from severe rejection:

  • The spirit of rejection makes us feel and believe strongly that we are unwanted and generally people who have strong roots of rejection equate everything to rejection. They equate correction, rebuke or even advice to rejection. Such people are easily offended. Everything and anything offends them. As a result, they get hurt very easily and carry it along without dealing with it because many of us do not regard it as sin.
  • People who suffer from a spirit of rejection feel rejected even when no one is rejecting them. They sometimes could struggle with the following:
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Depression.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • The way we perceive ourselves can leave us either accepted or self-rejected, for example: three children in a home, each feel less loved than the other.
  • Usually a person suffering from severe rejection ends up being very selfish. The only person they can think about is themselves.


Countering rejection:

  • Every human being has various needs at various stages. Each stage and age has different needs. Whatever the need, the underlying factor is love. We all thirst for love and acceptance at every stage of our life. We satisfy this thirst by making our own gods. Today, let us decide to renounce all our gods, whom we turn to when we need love, and turn to Jesus who alone can give us living waters. So, we ask the Holy Spirit to meet our unmet needs of love and acceptance. We invite Him into our past and ask Him to quench our thirst. We ought to do this on a daily basis too.
  • Almost all of us think that feelings and thoughts of rejection are not sinful. We do not see the danger nor the wickedness of such thoughts. Rejection is a great lie against God and against the word that says that God is love. Only a loving God could have and would have created us. Only He died on the cross for us. So the great thing is that You have a God, a friend, who died for you on the cross. Know that the Master of this Universe is your friend. He is your exceedingly great reward. What more can we ask for. We should be walking around like real kings.
  • If we think that we have experienced rejection in the womb, then we should also know that in the sovereignty of God, there are no mistakes, no unplanned children. “God chose us in Christ Jesus before the foundations of the world” (Ephesians 1:4).
  • Start listening to God’s opinion of you, and let Him reprogram you until His loving estimate of you becomes a part of your life, right down to your innermost feelings. Such work is a continuous part of your life, right down to your innermost feelings.
  • Ask God to write down these truths into your spirit right now. (Lead the group to place their bibles on their chest and with their eyes closed, they could say the following out aloud after somebody):
  • I am valuable. I am someone whom God values so highly as to give the life of His own dear Son to redeem me (Romans 5:7-11).
  • I am a child of God. I am a child of God not born of natural decent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God (John 1:13).
  • I am owned. He has anointed me and put His seal of ownership on me.
  • I am loved. “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness (Jeremiah 31:3).
  • God rejoices over you. “…He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17).
  • The old is gone. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  • The following can also declared by the group. “I am special. God created me for Himself and I thank Him for this spirit, mind and body He has given me. I accept them as a gift and I repent for all my wrong attitudes towards myself. I forgive every person who has said or done things that has made me reject myself. Dedicate my life afresh to the one who has made me and I rejoice in His goodness.”
  • Last, but not the least, we have to forgive those who have hurt us and marred us so badly.



What is forgiveness?

The word “forgive” means untie and release. Not holding anything against.

  • The need for forgiveness:
  • God commands us to forgive: Mathew 6:14,15; Mark 11:25; Ephesians 4:32.
  • “The greatest sign of maturity is having the ability to forgive.” Acts 7:60; Luke 23:24, Matthew 18:21.
  • When we don’t forgive we carry others sins in our heart.


Forgiving God:

  • There are many incidents and circumstances in life which are baffling and shake our faith in God. All of us go through situations during which we doubt the goodness of God, we have no answers to our questions and everything seems dark. God seems to be far away and silent. These are times when we have held things against God and we have turned away our faces  and are unable to see or hear God. But, in fact, God has never left us.
  • God is never the cause of our misery. Though in many situations we hold Him responsible for all that we went through.
  • God never does evil to us and He does not require us to forgive Him. In this case, forgiving God means to renounce every evil thought and feelings we have held against Him and we ask Him to forgive us.
  • Often these thoughts and feelings against God seem justified, but we do not realize the danger of harboring such things against Him. All this is enough for anti-God and anti-Christ spirits to take a hold of us and thus cause a lot of hindrance to praying or communicating with God.


Forgiving oneself:

People keep themselves in bondage by making statements like, “I will never forgive myself for…”. You cannot live in God’s forgiveness unless you forgive yourself.

  • Many people still live in guilt and condemnation because they hold on to their past sins, instead of living in God’s forgiveness. The Bible says in Romans 8:1 “therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Satan rejoices when we continue to condemn ourselves because of failures in the past. Forgiving oneself for the mistakes of the past is a liberation experience, which undermines the roots of much demonic power. God has forgiven you, so live as a forgiven person.

  • Many times, we are unable to forgive ourselves because we find it hard to accept ourselves. If we have rejected ourselves, we have to specifically take the truths of the Word into ourselves and as previously taught for the rejection section, accept and forgive ourselves.


Forgiving others:

  • The easiest thing to do when you are struggling to forgive another person, is to ask God to show His mercy when we behaved similarly towards Him. Many a times, we have done the exact same things against God, for which currently we are getting upset with the person who has offended us. In our relationship with God, He has shown us mercy and so it becomes easy to show others the same mercy. God is merciful to those who show mercy. So, even if a person is not worthy of your mercy, it is godly to show mercy.
  • We can ask God to grant us understanding, so we can understand the person who has offended us and be sympathetic. Ask for wisdom and God will surely grant it to us.
  • We see a human illustration of this in the life of Joseph who had been so brutally wronged by his brothers. When his brothers later came before Joseph the ruler there was no debt collecting on his part. He wasn’t concerned about collecting the debt. Instead, because he knew they were going to have a hard time forgiving themselves, he said, “have no fear; for am I in God’s place? True enough you planned evil against me, but God planned it for good, to bring about what today is fact, the keeping alive of much people” (Genesis 50:19-20).
  • Forgiveness is for your benefit.
  • Ask God to heal the hurt and pain that the person has caused us, renounce every evil thought and feeling we hold against that person, and then release the love of God towards that person. Bless that person with the love of God.



God’s design and purpose

Ungodly soul-ties

Outside marriage



Sexual Abuse


God’s design and purpose

  • God designed sexual intercourse as a means of procreating the human race. God has instituted this act under the “covering” of a marriage relationship. Any use of this activity outside of God’s parameters makes the persons vulnerable in the spiritual realm. Demonic forces have the free reign in such instances and take advantage of the situation. They create ungodly soul-ties that permit further demonic activity within the lives of the individuals.


Ungodly soul-ties

  • Sexual activity that is against the original plan of God establishes ungodly soul-ties with the other person. These ungodly soul-ties become a prime entry point for the demonic. Usually, when there has been ungodly sexual activity, it is safe to assume that soul-ties have been established in that person. Satan uses these soul-ties to hold people in bondage throughout their lives. But when people get this part of their lives cleared and cleansed by God, lots of healing and deliverance can take place.


Outside marriage

  • Sexual activity outside marriage can include sexual activity between two unmarried persons, between a married person and an unmarried person, or between a married person and another person’s spouse. All of these are perversions of God’s original plan for human sexuality. These are all opportunities for ungodly soul-ties to develop, opening the doors for the demonic.



  • The various perversions of God’s plan for sexual activity can include: sexual abuse, rape, bestiality, homosexuality and lesbianism. These unnatural and ungodly activities are all a deviation from God’s original plan for sexuality.  These are all sure opportunities for the demonic to enter by way of ungodly soul-ties.



  • Fantasizing sexual relations with others creates an opening in the mind of the person by which demonic forces enter and develop further sexual bondage. Often connected with these fantasies are pornography through magazines, videos, Internet, or any other means for stimulating the mind of the person toward sexual arousal.


Sexual Abuse

“Sexual abuse involves any contact or interaction whereby a vulnerable person (usually a child or an adolescent) is used for the sexual stimulation of an older, stronger or more influential person. Sexual abuse is much broader than forced or stimulated intercourse. It includes any touching, rubbing or patting that is meant to arouse sexual pleasure in the offender.”

  • Sexual abuse is a national plague. Research suggests that by the age of 18, 70% of women are victims of sexually abusive contact. Abuse of young boys by women is not unknown, and the abuse of young boys by older men in homosexual abuse is also very common. Men are even more reluctant than women to admit abuse. Like women, however, male victims are haunted by unjustified but disturbing questions about their own sexually.

Martial abuse – where sexual demands and practices go beyond the rightful physical relationship which God planned and purposed for men and women.

Incest – sexual contact of any degree with a member of one’s own family.

  • Research suggests that the figure may be as high as 33% among men. In many cases, abusers were themselves victimized by parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. Abuse has been passing from one generation to another. As long as it would be kept a “family secret.” The abused becomes the abuser.


Damage of sexual abuse

  • Victims of sexual abuse often wonder how past events can still be so damaging today. The damage of the past is not erased by time. Time may diminish memories, but it will not heal the wound.
  • The feeling of powerlessness
  • The question “why could I not stop the abuse?” lingers like a festering sore. “If I had only been smarter, stronger or braver, maybe it would not have occurred.” Nothing could be further from the truth! but begin told that it was not your fault, though 100% true, it does not usually help for long. in most cases the offender is much older than the abused, thus leaving the abused with the sense of being powerless.

Feelings of betrayal

  • Sexual abuse is a tragic betrayal of trust. In most cases the offender is either a relative or a person known to the victim. The betrayal of being set-up and used by a loved one is profound. Such betrayal affects victims in at least two ways. They develop a hatred for their own God-given desire for intimacy and become suspicious of anyone who offers them love.
  • Sexually abused victims find it difficult to trust other people even those who are obviously trustworthy. The abused will often view others with some degree of suspicion. In other words, sexual abuse makes it very difficult for a man or woman to believe that God has uniquely built and equipped them to love and be loved by others and by God.


Consequences of sexual abuse:

  • Rebellion. (refusal to conform or cooperate, irrational anger)
  • Secretive lifestyle.
  • Guilt.
  • Inability to respond to love. (sometimes does not become obvious until after marriage when the sexual side of the relationship disintegrates through apparent frigidity)
  • Promiscuity. (some abused people respond to their premature sexual maturity by living in a promiscuous lifestyle)


Dealing with sexual temptations

  • Sexual strongholds are the dark dead-end of sexual temptation, sexual sin, and impure habit patterns. You may know about God’s plan of sexual purity and even agree with it, but try as you might, you can’t conform to it. It is likely that you are trapped.
  • If we are going to take the way of escape from sexual bondage that God has provided for us, we must avail ourselves of God’s provision and change how we respond to every sexual temptation. (“You can’t stop birds flying over your head, but you can stop them building a nest”)
  • Sexual sin has a certain pleasure and kick related to it as do any other addiction. We should be ready to renounce those pleasures which are highly momentary and more destructive. Looking to the cross and the high price that Jesus paid for our licentious behavior could help us choose once and for all.
  • Ask Jesus to satisfy us, to fill us up with His love to an extent that these momentary destructive pleasures becomes worthless. There is nothing as intoxicating and satisfying as God’s love for us.

We must take those first thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. I can’t change the way I feel if I don’t change the way I think. If I want to feel right, I must think right. How we think controls how we feel. Scripture does tell us to control our thinking. “Brothers, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.” (1 Cor. 14:20). Our feelings are primarily a product of our thought life. If you want to feel right, you must think right. If our minds have been programmed wrongly, they can be reprogrammed. If we learned something the wrong way, we can learn it the right way.

  • “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.” The answer is in 1 Col 3:16. Merely trying to stop thinking bad thoughts won’t work, we must fill our minds with the word of God. God has no alternative plans. We overcome the father of lies by choosing the truth. Paul says we are to presently and continuously take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). We are not called to dispel darkness, we are called to turn on the light.

Sexual sin is a direct attack against the Holy Spirit in you. 1 Corinthians 6:13-20 says, “The body is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also. Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite himself with a prostitute? Never. Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body?for it is said, the two will become one flesh. But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sin a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own. You were brought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Steps to freedom

  • Ask God to forgive you for your sin.
  • Forgive and let go of the person with whom you were involved sexually. Cut off all ungodly soul-ties with the person you are or were involved with.
  • Renounce every pleasure received from the encounters and the relationship. Each relationship may have to be dealt with separately, if we require a complete cleansing.
  • Covenant never to defile our bodies again. Ask God to restore back to you whatever you have lost to your partner and vice-versa.
  • Ask God to restore lost sexual purity, innocence, chastity, and integrity.




  • Trauma and accidents are part of life’s experiences. Even Christians are not exempt from occasional crisis and problems. We live in a fallen world of which Satan is god (2 Cor. 4:4). The moments of great trauma or major accident could be times of great spiritual sensitivity and Satan may use those very moments to gain advantage. Thus such things as accidents, abortion, miscarriage, death of a close relative, abuse and fear could become entry points for the demonic.
  • In the physical world, when we fall and are injured, where our skin is cut open, there is a danger of germs infecting that wound, similarly, during moments of shock and trauma, we are open to being infected by demons. A road accident, for example, can give the demonic a prime opportunity to take advantage of the traumatized state the accident victims often experience.
  • Fear is a gift from God. It keeps us from doing things that would be harmful to us. Without godly fear very few people would survive childhood, such are the risks we all face day by day.  But as with every good gift of God, Satan will seek to distort the truth and hold us into the bondage of error. When we have a frightening experience, Satan will try to hold us into the trauma of that experience by using it as an entrance gate for the demonic. Fear is invariably an entry point for demons when people are going through traumatized experience.
  • When someone is controlled by irrational fear, there is always a demonic stronghold behind the manifesting behavior.  Examples – Fear of the devil, Fear of darkness, Fear of death, Fear of society, Fear of tradition, Fear of future, Various phobias (spider, lizard, snake, closed spaces, traveling in vehicles, etc).
  • Death of a close relative/loved one causes trauma of being bereaved without warning. It affects people so deeply, that emotionally they are wide open to demonic attack. This is especially relevant in the case of sudden deaths.
  • Expressing grief over a death is natural. Without the expression of grief, there cannot be full healing from the bereavement. But sometimes a demon will ride on the emotional trauma, and then the person never seems to recover from the bereavement. If after three months or so, there is no marked change in the person’s condition following the grief of bereavement, it is not unreasonable to suspect that there may be spirits of grief operating.
  • Another common form of demonization is what is called a ‘familial spirit’. This is a demon that has taken the characteristics of the deceased person and may try to attach itself to the bereaved one. This familial spirit, who knew the deceased extremely well, and is able to deceive with an amazing degree of cunning and accuracy, leads people into false beliefs about the nature of life after death and into the deceptions of spiritualism. By casting out the familial spirit, significant things may happen in the person’s life, as healing from conditions and symptoms that has passed down through the generational line.

The loss of a job may be very devastating especially to those who have many responsibilities upon them. The expectation and the pressure for some is so bad, that many give in to suicide and mass killing of families. Someone may go out to work one day, full of expectation, return later that same day devastated by the news of getting fired. The trauma of such an experience can open wide the gateway to rejection, leaving the person unable to cope up with life, believing that he is unwanted. The spirit of rejection makes him turn in on himself and lose heart and hope.

  • The trauma of physical attack, mental abuse, and rape can be very devastating. The physical pain may be great, but it is inconsequential when compared to the long-term emotional and spiritual damage done as a result.
  • Any behavior that seeks to take away the godly free will of another is abusive behavior and can lead to problems of varying degrees. Domination and manipulation is sin, irrespective of whether the victim is a young child, an old man, or one’s husband/wife, son/daughter, friend, associate, colleague, etc.


Dealing with shock and trauma

  • Re-visit that incident of shock and trauma. Invite Jesus to be with you as you do this. And all the associated feelings of fear, loss, shock, abandonment, etc., you can give it over to Him. Ask Him to heal you and you will definitely know His presence there. Jesus does an amazing work here.  In effect, we ask the Holy Spirit to take away all the pain and a pain healing and restoration is done.
  • Forgive the person(s) who abused or assaulted you (physically/sexually/mentally) or who caused the accident, etc. In some cases we may have to ‘forgive’ God for all that we think He has done to us.
  • Ask God for forgiveness, especially in cases of abortion, sexual abuse, etc. In cases of rape, we ask God to restore parts of us lost to the abuser and to return parts of the abuser invested in us by the devil. This has to be done for all sexual transactions.
  • Renounce every ungodly use of your body whether it was done to you or willingly done by you. Renounce every occasion the Lord brings to your mind. Break every ungodly soul-tie that may have been established (e.g., sexual abuse, deaths).




One main channel through which demons gain access to humanity is the occult. Man by nature has a longing to make contact with the spiritual world. It was God who placed this longing within us, but Satan has devised ways to divert the seekers into deceptive, evil systems that bring them into bondage to himself. These deceptive systems can take countless forms (ranging from reading a weekly horoscope in magazines to seeking help from a witch doctor); but the generic form for them all is the  occult.

The word  occult is derived from a Latin word that means “concealed” or “covered over.” The power operating through occult practices or systems derives from Satan and is evil. Many people caught up in them do not know this. They have been enticed of labels or claims that make them appear highly desirable (like the Yoga, Art of Living, etc.).

Two main branches of the Occult

The two main branches of the occult are identified in the scripture as divination and sorcery.

  • Divination

Divination provides knowledge through supernatural means about people, events and situations. Frequently it predicts future events. Examples are fortune-telling  and extrasensory perception (ESP).

A clear example is offered by the slave girl in Acts 16:16-18, who was said to be “possessed with a spirit of divination” (NKJV). She was the first person in Philippi to discern the identity of Paul and Silas.  “These men are the servants of the Most High God”, she cried, “who proclaim to us the way of salvation” (v. 17).  Everything she said was true, yet her knowledge came from a demon. When the demon was expelled, she lost the ability to tell fortunes.

  • This is what makes fortune-telling so deceptive and dangerous. The measure of truth is the bait on Satan’s hook by which he seeks to capture and enslave his victims. Fortune-telling (divination) is truly hidden (occult). It conceals the satanic source of power. Among those who seek to know the future are highly placed political leaders – even professing Christians. Yet that contact inevitably exposes them to demons.
  • Another snare which poses as a game, is the Ouija (VJ) Board. The use of Ouija Board and other occult practices like “Coin call”, Yoga has now permeated many branches of our school systems. Another way many people are exposed to divination is through horoscopes. It may be noted that even casual scanning through “your” horoscope in the newspaper with an unguarded mind can expose you to the demonic influence. Here again many Christians are deceived. They consider such activities harmless, not recognizing the snare.
  • Another potential door-opener for demons is involvement in martial arts like karate, judo, etc. We need to bear in mind that the martial arts originated in cultures permeated with idolatry and demonic activity.
  • Sorcery and Witchcraft
  • The other channel through which the occult operates is sorcery. Sorcery uses various means to make an impact on physical senses. Some of its tool are drugs, potions, charms, amulets, spells, incantations and various forms of music. Often addiction to drugs opens door to these evils. Some contemporary forms of music such as acid rock falls into the same category and are used as channels of supernatural satanic power.

In Deuteronomy 18:10-12 the Lord declares his attitude towards various forms of occult involvement. “ Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord…..”. All such people are said to be detestable to the Lord. The word translated “detestable” is the strongest word in the Hebrew language for what the Lord hates and rejects. Note, too, that God places such people in the same category as those who sacrifice their children to a pagan deity.

  • The other main category mentioned above, in addition to divination  and sorcery is witchcraft. There are many different forms of witchcraft ranging from open worship of Satan, evil forms of rock music to new age cults, religions and practices.
  • Closely related to occult is false religion. Examples are idol worship, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Jehovah’s witness, false mediators (saints), etc.


Wrong Beliefs

  • Any wrong believes (about God, about self, about others), heretical believes, wrong attitude towards scriptures, etc is a potential target for demonic deception. So is any religious practice that becomes more important than God himself and the relationship one has with God.


The Way Out

  • Anyone who has been involved in occult or false religion needs to repent of it, confess it as sin and seek Christ for forgiveness, cleansing and release. In addition, any books or other objects connected with the occult or false religion should be destroyed.



  • “…the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying hands on each one, he healed them.  Moreover, demons came out of many shouting, “you are the Son of God!…” (The first occasion that Jesus ministered to the sick: Luke 4:40-41)
  • This account makes it clear that many of their sickness where caused by demons. Jesus made no hard-and-fast distinction between healing sickness and expelling demons.
  • Demons can be the cause of many kinds of physical pain and sickness, but it takes the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment to discern.
  • The gospels record that Jesus healed the mute, deaf and blind by expelling demons (see Matthew 9:32-33, 12:22, Luke 11:14).
  • In Luke 13:11-16 Jesus met a woman who had suffered from what we might call spinal curvature or scoliosis for eighteen years. Although her condition seemed to be purely physical, Jesus declared that she had been bound by a “spirit of infirmity.” On that basis, He set her free and she was completely healed.
  • In Mark 9:17-29 Jesus dealt with a boy who had the symptoms of epilepsy. He confronted it, however, as “a dumb and deaf spirit” (v.25). When the demon was expelled, the boy was healed.
  • Some examples of sickness where the presence of the demonic can be the cause are epilepsy, blindness, muteness, deafness, arthritis, rheumatism, barrenness, asthma, sinusitis, cancer, crippling, sexual infirmity, stroke, etc.
  • It must be borne in mind that in some cases, the entry point for the demon causing sickness may be an ancestral sin or curse (refer to Generational Curses) or involvement with false religions/occult.  Also, some of the sickness mentioned above could be caused by a “guiding spirit,” especially in cases where the sickness is found to be transmitted down the generational line. These demons induce exactly the same symptoms in the offspring as were present in the person who dies. In such cases, when the “guiding spirit” is expelled, the person gets completely free from the physical symptoms like arthritis and epilepsy.



Hebrews 2:1, Romans 6:11-14

The Lordship of Jesus must be central in our lives.

  • Jesus must have the rightful place in every area of our lives.
  • If we think, say or do things that cannot be shared with Jesus, you are on dangerous ground, giving Satan a foothold.


Continuously be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • We receive the Holy Spirit when we are saved, but we need a constant filling and anointing (Ephesians 5:18).


Read the word of God daily and allow it to minister to you.

  • The Bible contains everything we need for godly living.
  • Do your Time Alone With God daily.


Wear the armor of God at all times.

  • This armor is for our defense and protection.
  • During the day, if there are moments of failure, immediately confess, ask for forgiveness, and receive his forgiveness.
  • Repair the armor. (Ephesians 6:10-18)


Be on guard against counter attacks.

  • If we have taken ground from the enemy through healing and deliverance, be sure Satan will try to gain back that ground he has lost.


Be in good fellowship with others.

  • You will benefit from the ministry of others.
  • God will use you to minister to others.
  • Take part in a caring small group every week.


Allow the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of the Spirit in your life. (Galatians 5:22)

  • Fruit takes time to grow, so be patient with yourself.
  • Make sure to “work” the soil to allow for better growth of fruit.


Walk continuously in forgiveness.

  • Look for opportunities to forgive people – not opportunities to be offended.


Praise God in all circumstances.

  • Praise is vital for Christian living.
  • Whatever happens in your life, continue praising God.


Keep the right company.

  • Find people living a godly life.
  • Keep relationship with such people.
  • Until you are strong enough, cut relationships with those who are going in the wrong direction.


***These notes were compiled by Alexi George and was last updated on 31 July 214


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