Set your standards for integrity and stick with them

    Standards are different wherever you turn. Especially standards for integrity. It will vary according to the subculture you are connected with. Within that perspective, your standards are appropriate and acceptable.

    Even within the same society, you’ll find different convictions regarding integrity. This can be an eye opener for many. But for others, it can be quite disturbing.

    When you come to the scriptures, you begin to feel the tension even further. It’s the painful tension of misaligned standards for integrity. What to do? Follow your heart? That sounds good. But the Bible says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”  (Jer 17:9)

    So what standards​ shall we adopt for integrity?  

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  1. Jerry

    Thank you, Alexi, for your regular though provoking and encouraging posts. When I think of “integrity” I think of the word “alignment.” Whether consciously or with little thought, we all align with something we personally call truth or reality. I am purposufully choosing to know Christ and to align myself with His views and the reality of His presence in this present moment (the Kingdom of God). In that way I hope to have integrity, true alignment with the Truth. Blessings to you dear brother.

    • Yes. Absolutely. Kingdom alignment is the only way to go. But perception is different in every society. Thus communicating Kingdom truth is a great challenge. Each society needs to apply Kingdom values in their own contexts.

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