The “Good” Side of Sinfulness and Failure

Is there any good in failure and sin?  Although the answer is NO, there is a bright side. To really know God, you need to fall, fail, and sin. Then you have an opportunity to know God’s true character of forgiveness and love (note: We are all sinners. Some acknowledge it, others ignore it and fake spirituality.).

Those who don’t fail (or think they don’t), have an unrealistic view of life. They become judgmental and angry at those “sinners” who can’t get their act together.

We surely don’t want to encourage sinfulness and Failure, but we know that times of dryness, failure, and sinful backsliding are surely damaging. Yet God can turn everything around and bring complete restoration (Hos 3:4-5).

Your thoughts?

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Alexi is the pastor of Adoor Vineyard Church and Associate Professor of Old Testament at Faith Theological Seminary, India. He's earned the B.A. in Christian Ministry from West Coast Christian College, Fresno, CA, the M.Div. in Biblical Languages and Christian Education from Evangel University, Springfield, MO, and the D.Th. in Old Testament from University of South Africa.


  1. Gary Gray says:

    Very well said Alexi.

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