1. Bibi Francis

    We have no right to judge. I realised a few months back that I have the habit of judging others. Any habit can be changed since it is not inherent. I wanted to put an end to that habit of mine which I had started feeling uncomfortable with. So every time I tend to judge someone I imagine myself in that situation and see how I would be, standing in their shoes. Also every person is made in God’s image. And every single person is God’s unique creation. I too am one of His creations.  I have no right to question or pass my judgements on His work.
    It is difficult to get out of a habit but not impossible. Only the perfect Judge has the right to judge on the final judgement day.
    And about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is only complete with forgetting. That needs grace from God.

  2. Blessy

    sir, I agree with what you say but how should one react to people like Boko Haram and the likes? how should one react to extremisits who kill and exploit people without mercy .. intentionally..

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