Lead well, Live well

Everyone leads someone. Leadership isn’t about titles and position. It’s about taking a step forward as others follow.

In your family, there are people who look to you for direction and companionship. They look to you to set an example in the daily struggles of life. Step up and lead – in your family.

You may not be the boss where you work, but you can lead. John Maxwell wrote the book The 360 Degree Leader where he suggests that you can lead from any position in the organization. Set the example for others. You set the pace for excellence and for integrity.

You may be asking “But, what is leadership?” Jesus set the example for the world as a servant leader. Wherever you find yourself, serve. Help others excel in what they do. Be the enabler, encourager, and friend.

When you take this perspective, your life is well lived. The most fulfilled people are those who impact the lives of those around them. Because they Lead well and live well.

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Is it time to give up?

Be faithful, learn, and keep doing what you’re called to do. It’s common to copy successful people and hope to get the results they got. How many times have you tried that? How many people have you copied in the past?

Don’t expect success at the rate others have attained it. There may have been factors in their life and career that you don’t know about. You are unique and your experiences are different from everyone else.

Be faithful to your task. Don’t cut corners. Continue to focus on quality even if the returns are less than you’d like. Faithfulness will keep you “in the game” even in difficult times.

Keep learning even if you are a seasoned veteran. Maybe you’ve heard the term: “A carpenter never wastes time sharpening his tools.” Sharpening tools is never a waste of time. It is an investment. Seek out opportunities to learn and to be mentored by others in your field.

Keep doing your task on a consistent basis. Don’t give up. You’ve got to keep on, month after month, year after year.

The rewards will come. Delay is not failure. It’s just another route to success.

–     – –

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Leaders create Opportunities

Smart, hard working people make good money and put their families in a good financial position. But leaders create and run organizations and businesses and benefit many people by creating jobs and opportunities.

This dichotomy is quite unique because it reveals two different types of people. Both are good, honest, hard working citizens who are important to their families. Their families are important to them and they find it their priority to care for them.

But leaders stand out from the rest. Their focus is much broader than the rest. They’re capable of accomodating many types of people. Their broad mindedness allows them to accept people with a variety of flaws, attitudes, mindsets, habits, and personalities. Obviously! They’re leaders.

The greatest trait these people have is the ability to look beyond themselves and see a vision that is for reaching. They live out that vision with passion as they benefit a great number of people.

How about you? Will you step up and lead?

–     – –

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Don’t respond until the “venting” is over

Otherwise the conversation and emotions will get sidetracked. Then you’ll be headed in a direction that was never intended.

This human “venting” process is similar to the pressure cooker letting out steam. The steam is only a byproduct of the processing that’s going on inside. The boiling water processes the food inside. The boiling of the water inside the pressure cooker coupled with the nature of the vessel produces pressure. The steam that is under pressure is released through the opening on the top. Thus the pressure cooker is “venting” the steam.

Don’t give too much focus to the steam. The “venting” is only an external indication of a lot of internal processing going on. Allow it to do its work. The real product is on the inside. What you see on the outside is only steam.

Wait for the venting to subside. Don’t make any decisions or plans during the venting phase. Wait. Afterward, use the internal, processed product to make decisions.

–     – –

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Sorry, but your great knowledge is giving me a headache

You impress me but you don’t inspire me. The whole emphasis of the conversation is focused on your great knowledge. That’s great, but for the rest of us common people, your knowledge means nothing.

Instead, tell me your vision. What do you see in the future? How can we work together for a better future? What part can I play, and how can you help me for that?

By the way, would you please stop talking? I’ve heard enough of your great knowledge. You don’t need to dominate. Allow others to walk together with you. Don’t leave everyone else in the dust. Take us along with you.

Please. Don’t impress. Inspire. Envision. Lead.

–     – –

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Why pastors have such an easy job

Like most anointed men of God, I woke up at 6am, grabbed a cup of coffee and read the newspaper in our veranda. What a beautiful morning! By 6:30am, someone drove up and began thanking me for the healing they received as a result of my prayer. They also handed me a thick envelope with cash as a gesture of their thankfulness. After opening the envelope I quickly informed them that the amount was too small for such a great man of God. They quickly doubled the amount without hesitation, apologizing profusely.

At about 9am I opened a devotional app and listened to the audio while checking my calendar to see the entire spread of invitations to speak at prominent events. By then, someone drove up with a brand new car and handed me the keys, expressing their gratitude for my ministry. They told me that a man with such a high level of anointing ought to drive a new car each year. I was delighted that they recognized my stature and impeccable record of ministry.

These are just a few examples of the good life of a minister of the Gospel with such anointing. Must I say more about the fancy dinners, cruises, vacations to exotic places, and all the delightful experiences? A great man of God deserves nothing less than the best.

(if you believe what you just read, please check the meaning of the word satire, then read Hebrews 11).

–     – –

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The annoying disparity between gifts and fruit

Just as a gift is given, the Holy Spirit also gives gifts to God’s children. Once the gift is given, the person is able to use it immediately – no strings attached (sort of).

On the other hand, fruit takes time to grow and ripen. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal 5:22-23).

It can be utterly annoying to see someone flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit but lacking character in various areas of their personality (Tweet this). The person may be angry, rash, or bitter. Or impatience may be destroying the person in their personal life. Their relationships may be shattered due to habits that pull them apart from others.

When we see such problems in people, we may question the genuineness of the gift. In such people, we may disregard the gift because of the gaps in their character. It is the responsibility of the person to work along with the Holy Spirit as the Spirit molds their character and person to reflect that of Christ.

Don’t be troubled by the disparity between gifts and fruit. It’s natural.

–     – –

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Risk takers connect better with other risk takers

They are a unique breed, often misunderstood by others. But they relate well with other risk-takers. They seek out each other’s company as they are often rejuvenated by each other.

When Mary accepted God’s offer and became pregnant with the holy Child, she quickly sought out the company of her relative Elizabeth. In her old age, Elizabeth was pregnant and quite unique among the other women of her land. Both were risk-takers and they connected with each other in a unique way (Luke 1:35-45).

As they both gathered, their time together erupted into worship to the Lord as recorded in Luke 1:46-56. They acknowledged that God in all his might chose to use simple and ordinary people to do extraordinary tasks for his Kingdom.

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Love deeply, hold loosely

No, Can’t be done. It’s so difficult. The two concepts are at two ends of the spectrum: Deeply and loosely. If the love is deep, it can’t be loosely held. If the connection is loosely held, the love can’t be deep.

In the story of the prodigal son, the father allowed his son to leave the home without much conflict (Luke 15:11-32). in spite of the fact that this son dishonored the father and his entire family, he was allowed to leave the home with the inheritance. The father could have rightfully and legally blocked this entire effort, but he didn’t.

Yet there is no doubt that the father loved his son deeply. When he returned from his time away, he was welcomed with open arms and without any reservations. He loved his son deeply but his grip on him wasn’t too tight. It was loose enough to allow him freedom to explore, fall, fail, and to return.

Yes. It can be done. We can love deeply and hold loosely.

–     – –

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No “Volleyball” leaders please

These are people who return the work unfinished with some excuses. “Too complicated.” “Don’t know how to do this.” “Nobody’s interested.”

I gave it to you because I’m confident you can finish it. You have the skills, stamina, and the relational equity to be able to successfully bring it to completion.

So what’s the problem? Fear? Fear of failure, opposition, ridicule or the negative response of others? Or, is it just plain insecurity?

Take the task you’re given and clarify all the details first. Then plunge into it with full force. Come back to me anytime with questions or request for help. then go back and get it done before time.

Whatever you do, don’t push it back to me. I’m not interested in Volleyball.

–     – –

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