Is God responsible for the trouble you face?

Is God responsible for the trouble you face today? The answer is yes and no. Although God is not the author of tragedy, sickness, devastation, or any kind of evil, nothing happens without his permission. God is never caught by surprise by any tragedy.

In Revelations chapter 6 when the seals are opened, we see that those who cause calamity and evil were “given” permission or authority to do those acts. Although God is not the cause of evil, nothing bypasses him.

In some circumstances, the evil is caused by the sinfulness that exists in this world. There are plenty of other situations when our own sinfulness invites the tragedy we face.

So the answer to our question is “no” God is not the author of evil, and “yes” there are times he gives permission for certain events to happen that are evil. So give yourself to the merciful and sovereign God who is truly in control.

Maybe you need to cry out for mercy in the midst of tragedy. At other times, it is best to confess our sins. Or, we may need to forgive others. After taking the appropriate actions, take authority over the evil in Jesus’ name.

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  1. Suraj

    It was nice thought. Thank you. Yes God is in control. In the book of Habakkuk he brings Babylonians to teach the people of Israel who are better than their ‘teacher’ means Babylonians. Submitting to the will of God, examining our inner before Lord, that is what we can do.

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