1. Alexi, I’ve read the Bible devotionally almost my whole life. Even now, I especially enjoy when I hear a fresh perspective on a familiar passage. I’ve never quite thought of Jesus struggling in this way to disobey his beloved Father. Hebrews 5:7-8 casts some light on this matter, I think. I puzzled for some time over why Jesus needed to learn obedience. He always ‘obeyed’. But is it obedience when you delight to do what you are being asked to do? His trust in his Father was deep and implicit. But flesh, when faced with horrific suffering, is bound to flinch and draw back. And at the point that the impending suffering was imminent, Jesus’ flesh, his natural human desires, would war most vigorously with what the Father was asking of him. And probably, it was on this anguished night that Jesus learned to ‘obey’, to do what love and delight could not quite bring him to. But perhaps it’s speculation to think that Jesus had a prevailing hidden desire to disobey his Father. My thoughts, anyways.

    • Thanks or the thoughtful response. I’ve also wondered about that verse in Hebrews 5. And I think that speculation you mentioned regarding the hidden desire is an important question. The issue is, did that desire come up when he was nearing the torture he was about to face? Or, since he knew about the impending sufferings for a long time, that desire (or internal struggle) could have been with him throughout his life. Of course, this may be an argument from silence.

  2. For some, this argument puts Jesus in a vulnerable position, extending or exposing his human nature. They might see this as a threat to the person-hood of Jesus.

    But for me, mentioning the vulnerability of Jesus gives me hope. Sitting at the right hand of the father, as he intercedes for me, he understands ALL my struggles.

  3. Sabu

    He was tempted like us in all ways. I guess this includes the temptation to disobey God. Temptations definitely appeal to man – including Jesus. Otherwise, He will not be able to sympathise with us. He would certainly have struggled with them – but He overcame!!

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