Turning 50 – Life is a Setup

For years I was confused with comparing our struggles with the sufferings of Jesus. He already knew that he was born to die. He knew that he would resurrect after his sufferings and death. Then his next step would be a guaranteed position at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

So, ultimately, Jesus’ life was a “setup.” All along, he knew the script. The sufferings, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and his seat at the Father’s right hand was all a complete setup. He knew the outcome all along. Not fair!

But is it any different for us? For those who have given their lives to God by faith in Jesus Christ, life is a “setup.” We will all suffer, and one day we will die. The Bible promises a resurrection followed by an ascension to heaven. It goes on to say that we are seated with Christ in heaven. And since Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, and we are seated with Jesus, it follows that we are also seated at the right hand of the Father.

This realization has given me a new perspective on life as I turn 50 in a few days. My life is truly a “setup” as I have a guaranteed set of events and outcomes in the future.

I look forward to living my life with confidence and not fear. My future is bright. Not because there is clarity about the events that may occur in the next few decades, but because I have complete trust in the Father. He will lead me on in pain, struggles, sorrows, and lots of sweet victories.

What about your struggles and brokenness? Remember the pain that never seems to go away? And the losses? Too deep to talk about?

Remember your destiny, and give your losses a new meaning. It’s not the end.

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  1. drbowles

    Good article, as usual. However, the way I see how our Lord interacts with me has changed. Noting your comment… “He will lead me on in pain, struggles, sorrows, and lots of sweet victories.”

    I think the notion of God “leading” us is (for want of a better word) inaccurate. To believe such would be that our lives and the ultimate disposition of our eternal spirits are predestined or that all of our actions are preordained. I do believe that even though our Lord knows everything about us long before it happens, He is not a micromanager.

    I see our creator as more like being a corner man at a boxing match. He’s there cheering and advising as we face trials and also achieve victory or lose a match. He’s not leading. It’s our decision to accept or reject Jesus as our Savior. It’s our decision to punch sin in the jaw by breaking bad habits. It’s our decision to be more effective in the ring by accepting…and acting upon…a wise doctor’s advice. 🙂

    It’s our decision to raise tough little scholar/athletes/Men & Women of God by being the best husband and father possible. So, I really do not think God “leads” us to do anything.

    People can choose to serve Him or they can choose to reject Him and His teachings. Our lot in life is a product of our own decisions. I think you get my point.

    I’ve seen many people that lead lives of quiet desperation because they are waiting to “hear from God” on what they should do in life. So much lost potential. I heard a now deceased pastor once say from the pulpit at Bethany in Baton Rouge that he was appalled by the hundreds of Rhema Bible College grads that are doing very little because they are scared to death to move out into what they were trained to do! Like a boxer that has been training but doesn’t want to have a fight. He/she’s content to stand on the sidelines.

    Basically, I think people must take the first step forward…step out into the water…and our Lord is right behind like a parent helping his/her child to learn how to swim. Too many people want to feel like they are assured they’ll be successful before moving forward on anything because of fear that somehow get they’ll hurt.

    For example, Brother Koshy…what I like most about him…he doesn’t want to downsize like so many older gentleman do here in the US. He’s still working. Too many of my friends here in the US want to “downsize” now that they are in their 60’s. Let me tell you…I FLATLY REFUSE to do that. It’s all about going and growing for this house!!

    So to summarize, I feel our Lord wants us to get out into the arena of life on Earth and do what we can to make life better for ourselves, our families and those around us. He’s been there as my cornerman in my 63+ year long boxing match. God bless. JTB

    PS: I know a great deal of your story because of the trouble you experienced with your back for so long. I look at it this way…somehow, someway you got slugged and it put you on the mat. You kept trying to get up over and over by looking for something to help. The entire time I can see that our Lord was saying something like, “hang on…it’ll pass…hang in there, Champ”.

    Then one day a doctor in America says, “hey…try this and see if it helps”. In my humble opinion, you are one tough cookie. You just needed the right training regime to get you back on your feet and punching ignorance, hate, anger etcetera more effectively. Give yourself some credit…just don’t get cocky. But then, I doubt that you ever would. Shalom.

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